20 Uhr: Iphigenia in Splott (Premiere)

"In September comes our new major project Iphigenia in Splott by Gary Owen. First produced by Sherman Theatre, Cardiff and then going on to the National Theatre in London, Iphigenia in Splott is based in Cardiff and is inspired by Greek mythology. Effie is the kind of girl you avoid eye contact with. Her life a mixture of drugs, alcohol and drama. This razor-sharp, tense, heartbreaking yet witty play is almost a call for revolt. Effie will be played by Naomi O’Taylor. More details on this play soon."
VVK: 19,40 €, ermäßigt 12,80 €
AK: 21 €, ermäßigt 13,50 €

Di 07.09.21 (Premiere), Mi 08.09.21 jeweils um 20 Uhr